ArtistAdvisors offers comprehensive consulting services for musicians, songwriters, and bands at any stage in their development.

Utilizing our years of experience in the music business, our vast set of relationships with forward-thinking industry executives, and our thorough understanding of the constantly-evolving global music marketplace, we will help you recognize your full potential and get you to the next level.

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ArtistAdvisors is dedicated to providing uncompromising music industry-related consulting services and project management. We pride ourselves on delivering personalized, proactive, and prudent advice and strategies to artists and their teams at any level — on schedule, and within budget.

Our areas of expertise include artist development, marketing, radio promotion (terrestrial, online, satellite), A&R, publishing, publicity, digital and physical retail, new media, film/TV music supervision, tour planning/marketing, and team building.

We accomplish our clients’ goals by offering varying levels of service which will be cost-effective for any and every artist and team, and hyper-focused on each artist’s individual needs and goals.


viewmaticArtistAdvisors was formed by Mike Savage, a 23-year music business veteran with a well-rounded knowledge of the music, entertainment, broadcasting, and new media industries.

In 2006, Savage formed Mike Savage Artist Management, an independent artist management company, which he continues to own and operate. His current client list includes Meiko, Marié DigbyAlexa Melo, HALIENE, Slowkiss, and producer Adrian Bradford. Along with securing recording contracts, booking worldwide tours, negotiating deals, supervising record production, handling promotional activities, coordinating album releases and building strategic alliances, Savage’s management company has developed creative marketing strategies that have sold well over 100,000 albums and 500,000 song downloads, garnering over 200 million song streams, while also generating over $1,000,000 in NTR.

Directly prior to the creation of the company, Savage worked as VP A&R/Artist Development at NovaTunes, a startup internet music company with an innovative, disruptive business model (he remains a consultant to the parent company).

In 2003, Savage began a three-year stint as Senior Director, Creative & Media for Entertainment Ventures, LLC. While with the company, the artist discovery & development team assisted many artists in signing U.S./global recording and/or publishing contracts – some of whom have achieved multi-Platinum status. His duties included planning and executing a variety of strategies to help secure deals for artist clients, including distribution of music and newsletters to key industry leaders, solicitation for song placement in film, TV, advertising and video games, and global radio promotion.   Prior to this position, Savage served as A&R Director for the Clear Channel Multimedia Group where he handled talent search/discovery efforts.

Savage also worked with Clear Channel as Radio Editor for their Network Magazine Group, where he spearheaded a major overhaul and re-design of their monthly VIRTUALLYALTERNATIVE publication.

Prior to this, Savage worked as Head of Promotion/Artist Development at 3:33/Universal Records, where he designed and implemented national radio promotion campaigns for all of the label’s artists.

Mike began his career in radio where he worked as an on-air talent and programmed successful, ground-breaking Alternative stations in major U.S. markets including New York, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

As a contributor to the now-defunct music blog TALENTfilter, Savage discovered and featured many artists years before they went on to sign label deals, including Capital Cities, Ingrid Michaelson, Allen Stone, The Mowgli’s, Tori Kelly, Neon Hitch, Oh Land, Mikky Ekko, and Five Finger Death Punch (among others).

Savage is a frequent guest speaker on music industry conference panels (SXSW, CMJ) and at business schools such as UCLA, Berklee, Boston University, The Arts Institute, and Musician’s Institute.

He is also the host of the “World Chart Show“, an internationally-syndicated two-hour Top 20 countdown show highlighting the most-played songs around the globe. The “World Chart Show”, syndicated by Radio Express, airs on terrestrial radio stations in cities including Shanghai, Helsinki, Munich, Bologna, and dozens of others.

Mike is also the co-host of “The Session“, a radio program airing on legendary Los Angeles rock station 95.5 KLOS.



In the professional music world, one size does not fit all. Every artist is at a different stage in their career and needs specialized guidance to get to that next level. That’s why ArtistAdvisors custom builds your campaign to fit your particular needs and goals. Your degree of commitment is up to you, but here are the consultation packages we currently offer:

ArtistAdvisors will schedule a 30-minute intensive counseling session devoted solely to your career. Ask anything! Conference in your whole band if you like. No question is too silly. What have you always wanted to know about the music biz but were too afraid to ask, like, “What’s the best way to approach a radio programmer?” “How do you get your music licensed for film and TV?” “Are there any good tips for reaching out to record labels?” “Who are the best digital aggregators, management companies, radio promo agencies and PR firms?” We know, and we’ll give it to you straight.

*This is a limited-time introductory price, for first-time clients only.





Package A

ASSESSMENT OF ARTIST WEB PRESENCEArtistAdvisors analyzes your web site, Facebook Page and other social media assets and advises on adjustments to make them more effective, offering tips on how to broaden reach and further engage fans.

BIO REVIEW/EDITArtistAdvisors reviews your official band bio and suggests improvements to make it more appealing to press, radio, booking agents, and the label/publishing communities.

FIVE-SONG MUSIC REVIEWArtistAdvisors critiques five of your songs and advises on production value, radio airplay potential, ‘sync-friendliness’, etc.

LIVE PERFORMANCE REVIEWArtistAdvisors critiques video of your live performance and advises on set flow, stage presence and image, player proficiency, between-song banter, etc.





Package B

DIGITAL RETAIL SET-UPArtistAdvisors walks you through making your music available for purchase via iTunes, AmazonMP3 and other online outlets.

MUSIC INDUSTRY TIPSHEET REFERRALSArtistAdvisors refers you to specific websites offering ‘insider info’ to the A&R/publishing communities – getting featured on these sites will increase your artist profile within the music industry.

ADDITIONAL PRODUCTION REFERRALSArtistAdvisors recommends producers, mixers, and mastering studios who can help get your material radio-ready, sync-friendly, and competitive for retail (additional fees for producers, etc., will be required/negotiated).

REMIXER REFERRALSArtistAdvisors refers you to select remixers who can help put together remixes of your songs to service to tastemaker music blogs, offer as free downloads to fans, use as web content, etc. (additional fees for remixers will be required/negotiated).





Package C

*This package is designed for artists who we feel are ready to implement a tastemaker radio/online media marketing/promotion campaign*

CAMPAIGN ‘QUARTERBACKING’ArtistAdvisors will act as ‘project quarterback’, offering referrals to independent radio promotion companies and online publicity/PR firms who would best fit the project. We will oversee the weekly efforts of the hired teams, ensuring the intended goals are reached, personally filling any gaps regarding relationships with radio and press where needed

Please note – this package does not include the fees for the radio promo / PR firms. You should expect to pay, on average, $2000/mo. for PR and $1500/mo. for radio promo – and ArtistAdvisors will introduce you to the appropriate firms best suited for your music.

FILM/TV MUSIC PITCHING REFERRALSArtistAdvisors will refer you to some of the key film/TV/ad agency music pitching agencies, who can help get your songs placed in TV shows, commercials, films, and trailers

A&R/PUBLISHER/BOOKING AGENCY REFERRALSArtistAdvisors will keep the A&R, publishing, and booking agency communities informed of the progress you’re making with radio, press, and film/TV.




“Good advice is everything in this biz and Mike can help guide you on your journey. He's worked through radio, A&R, artist management and he's got great ears. A few years back he handed me Capital Cities - now look at that band.”

Kat Corbett

KROQ Los Angeles

“Mike Savage was one of the first to recognize the potential of our band when we formed it. His enthusiasm and go-getter work ethic, as well as his wide global reach made it a no-brainer for us to work with his music business consultation firm. He orchestrated a great marketing campaign to promote our debut EP and helped us lay the groundwork for our music's steady worldwide spread. Mike has great taste in all the arts, recognizes raw talent and knows how to develop it. His straight-forward, hard-working and thoughtful ways were instrumental in helping us navigate this crazy music business.”

Sebu Simonian

Capital Cities (Capitol Records recording artist)

“Mike has been a supporter of A Fine Frenzy from the very early stages of our development.  Through the label showcases, the album recording process and all that is currently taking place, Mike has been there to offer his support, guidance and music business insight. He's not just an industry ‘buddy’, he's proven to be a loyal and trustworthy friend and a person of value in my life.”

Alison Sudol

A Fine Frenzy (Virgin Records recording artist)

“[Mike was] amongst the first in the world to pick up on Evermore, was an early believer and helped contribute to building their profile Stateside, and has followed their progress ever since. I thank him for his continued belief and support.”

Rebekah Campbell

Manager, Evermore (Multi-Platinum Australian band)

“Mike is a great guy. He's smart, knows just about everyone and has brilliant taste in music. I have and will continue to recommend to everyone!!”

Peter Lloyd

VP, Pulse Music Publishing

“Mike is an easy going, creative and hard working record industry pro who has an eye for great talent.”

Phil Jaurigui

President/Manager/Artist Rep at Swing House/D’Addario

“Mike worked with a number of our artists from Australia while he was at A&R Worldwide and he helped us raise their profile here in the US. I've also watched his artist, Meiko, break the market over the last few years, and Mike's worked really hard. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mike to any talented artist who is looking for a Manager.”

Tina Radburn

Government Relations Executive, Queensland Australia

“Mike is the kind of 'new world' manager that I admire most, someone that has a grasp on the old music industry but is still always pushing forward, embracing new technologies and new distribution models. He understands the power of non-traditional promo and events and has done an incredible job of working the acts that are on his management roster.”

Larry Little

VP, Artist Relations at Talenthouse

“Mike is a truly great guy to work with - he's intelligent, very insightful and has some of the best ‘ears’ in the music business. As Music Director of our radio station, Mike was responsible for determining what would work for our audience and he was damn good at it! Mike is so worth it as a member of any team - he is also one of the truest guys I know. And as an artist manager, I think he has really excelled.”

Jolene Pellant

Owner, Pellant Entertainment Group (PEG)

“Mike is a knowledgeable professional, with a wide range of music industry experience, and a great sense of where the talent is and how to make the best choices to advance both his clients and great music. Mike is truly a music fan, which makes him a great ally to musicians and people trying to find great talent. Having worked with Mike Savage for the past 7 years in various projects and companies, I have seen him grow with his clients and look forward to his next project/move, as I am sure something interesting is going to happen.”

Leonardo Canneto

Creative Director,

“Mike is hands down an incredible manager. He's efficient, helpful and constantly there to make everything run incredibly smoothly. He's truly one in a million...”

Victoria Tsigonis

Owner, Weapon Of Choice, LTD



ArtistAdvisors is putting the finishing touches on an eBook regarding independent music marketing and promotion – this will be available for purchase soon!

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